August 06, 2019

Compatible or Generic ink is basically a copy of the genuine brand name cartridge which has been manufactured by a third party.  Generic inks are a great way to cut down your inkjet printing costs since they are cost-effective. 

Camainks is a leading and prominent supplier of reasonably priced, top quality Videojet Continuous Inkjet printer makeup fluids specially designed to make your systems more efficient.

These inks have been frowned on by the original brands but this is what a customer had to say about these generic inks.


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 Reasons you should be using generic inks.

  1. High-Quality  

 Generic Videojet inks e.g Videojet 410  have been proven beyond a reasonable doubt to be high in quality compared to other inks in the market. This ink surpasses quality tests and standards. From the on-site lab faculties where the videojet ink is formulated, they use a 4 stage filtration process which leaves the ink smooth with no residue, sludge or even sediment. This ensures less print head maintenance for your printer and less downtime during the operation.   


  1. Easy Ink Conversion

If you’ve ever used other inks for some time and then tried the generic inks with your inkjet coder, you’ll love and will be pleased with the seamless and easy conversion from the printer inks. With generic ink, you do not have to pour or flush out your printer system, simply add the ink plus the fluids and then keep printing.  

  1. Generic Inks Offer A Variety
While some ink suppliers in the market only provide ink and make-up for certain types and models of coders, the team at generic inks can provide you with low-cost, high-quality inks for any brand and model of the coder: Markem Imaje, Domino Compatibles... No matter what coder you have, Inkjet ink and fluids can be formulated for your machine. 
  1. Generic Ink is Readily Available

Do you require a special ink application for your printer? Generic Videojet inks can fit this need. Camainks is capable of designing any type of custom ink that you might want. The company also provides you with high-temperature inks, alcohol-resistant, thermochromic inks; dye-based color inks many other unique inks suitable for use on food and beverage products, pharmaceutical products, wire & cable printing, porous & non-porous materials and on and on. Even when the inkjet customer doesn’t find exactly what they need, their team of ink experts can quickly formulate special inks to meet your exact specifications.


  1. Low Price

On average generic Videojet ink is 45 - 90% cheaper than other brand names on the market. Not only is generic ink cheaper and affordable but it contains considerably more ink than the other brands. By using generic ink you reduce the office budget on printer consumables and ink consumables

  1. General Purpose

Generic Videojet inks provide you with a variety of general-purpose inks, including ethanol and methanol inks in many colors; black makes everything perfect by producing clear, sharp words, blue, and violet, among others. The ink also has some kind of gasoline resistance capable of a penetrating light coating on most of plastic and metal. 

  1. Highly fade  resistant

Unlike most inks in the market, generic inks are resistant to scratch and rubs, acids, mineral spirits, and oils which make it a perfect match if you are interested in flexibility. Inkjet ink also has incurable and readable inks, dye-based colored inks, micro-pigmented inks, high-temperature inks, inks resistant to alcohol, non-transfer inks used in wire & cable printing plus pigmented inks.   

 The Videojet generic ink is original and compatible with many printers. Generic inks are usually water-based and they use combination pigments and dyes to reproduce the vivid colors while printing. They are good for longevity and also leave your printer machine undamaged.

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