December 20, 2019

Continuous Inkjet Printers are frequently used because they are reliable, have great speed and are more flexible. There has never been a better time to buy Continuous Inkjet printers at friendly prices and improved quality. 

There are a variety of Continuous Inkjet Printers in the market today than ever which are overwhelming with low running costs, excellent print quality, prints, scans, copies, and much more. As a buyer, it is your responsibility to figure out why you need a printer, how many pages you would be printing per day, whether in large numbers or not among other factors.

Choose and buy the best the Continuous Inkjet Printer following these features mentioned below.

  • Your budget:Compared to other printers, CIJ printers are cheaper and have a capacity to run for several hours before servicing which lowers operational and maintenance costs. Continuous inkjet printers such as Videojet 1220 are reliable and cost-effective, especially in the highest pressure environments. The printer consumables are readily available in various stores. Continuous inkjet printers offer a variety of solutions and with deep application expertise to help the operator identify their printing solutions.

  • The quality: You can count on Continuous Videojet 1220 to print the best graphics good enough for both internal business and home use. Choose carefully a printer that you can have output quality pleases a graphic artist. The best inkjets such as Videojet 1220 can print perfect text with exclusive quality for most everyday output and does not need regular ink replacement. 

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  • Photo Printing: When choosing a printer, look for the CIJ printers that can bring out photos of the best quality. Videojet 1220 are all-purpose inkjets and can recreate digital images by propelling droplets of ink onto paper, plastic, or other substrates. For instance, Videojet 1220 can be used by professional photographers which make its demand go high and loved.
  • Connectivity: Continuous Inkjet Printers offer great options and choices for connectivity with a high capacity and can be used for both home and businesses add Ethernet ports. If you want to print using wireless, the good news is that Videojet 1220 comes with the Wi-Fi standard. CIJ printers were made in a digital error and they support wireless printing from mobile devices which makes them a good choice for both businesses and consumers. Most manufacturers and suppliers of Continuous Inkjet printers offer free printing apps compatible with wireless printers.

  • Paper Capacity:    To choose a good CIJ printer, go for the printer which is more business-oriented such as the Videojet 1220. These printers are meant for heavier-duty printing. The print head on Videojet 1220 can run the full width of a page and paper. The CIJ printers have been proved to be higher-end inkjets capable of handling any printing needs. 
  • Printing speed: High-throughput environments need printers and inks which can meet the needs of the elevated line speeds, dries quickly and also has non-stop production. Videojet offers a variety of high speed continuous inkjet printers which can produce reliable quality codes whether at high speeds or in continuous production environments.

The continuous inkjet printers especially Videojet 1220 are mainly used for commercial purposes to mark and code a variety of products and packages. There’s a range of CIJ printers on the market that doesn’t make it easy for a buyer to choose a good printer. However, if you follow the features on a printer as mentioned, like knowing the paper capacity, the quality you desire will save you a lot when you go shopping.

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