February 24, 2020

How Do Inkjet Printers Work?

  • This type of printer works through the process of spraying ink droplets onto the printing paper or the surface to be printed on. Inkjet printers are the most preferred type ofcontinuous printer used than other. 
  • Inkjet printing was largely used in the late 70’s and some of the companies which were the first to develop this type of printer were Epson, Canon, and Hewlett-Packard. 
  • There are hundreds of different suppliers of inkjetprinterinks all over the world who offer products and services across the globe. 

Who are the Leading Suppliers of Inkjet Printer Ink?


  • Videojet inkjet is one of the leading suppliers ofinkjet inks and other products which include postal systems, labelling printers, thermal transfer printers, barcode labelling machines, and many more. It was founded in 1966andhas since been providing qualityinkjets for different brands ofprinters.
  • They produce printers such as CIJ 1000 series, CIJ 1520 and others. Some of their inks such as V 401, V410, V411 etc. and solvents such as V705, V706, V723 etc.


  • The company was founded way back in 1987.
  • Linx’s line of products includes continuous printing systems, laser coders, thermal inkjet printers, and many more. 
  • Their continuous ink printers are being used by many industries like the automotive industry, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and food and beverage suppliers.
  • Their laser coders work great for labeling the packaging of medicine, beverage, and cosmetic products. Packaging like aluminum and foil need laser printing instead of inkjetsbecause of their shiny surfaces. 
  • They produce printers which include the Linx 10, Linx 8900 series, and Linx 7900 series. They have inks in different categories which include general purpose black inks, special adherence inks, food grade inks, contrasting inks, process specific inks, security inks, and colored inks for pale substrates. 

Citronix Inc.

  • A leading designer and manufacturer of CIS printers orcontinuous inkjet printers which are used in the different industries of printing. 
  • Along with their printers they also produce their own original inks, replacement parts, and consumables. 
  • Their products have IP55 and IP65 certifications.  


  • A company founded in 1992 which provides many different printing products and equipment. 
  • Aside from inkjet inks, Squidink also provides other products and services like laser coders, ink delivery systems, material handling, print validation systems, small character coders, and many more. 
  • They offer hi-resolution printers like the CoPilot, CoPilot Flex, CoPilot Max, CoPilot 128, CoPilot 256, CoPilot 500, and the 905 Series. 
  • They offer inks for hi-resolution replacement fluid, DOD replacement fluids, make-up replacement fluids, and mineral oil free inks. 

Trident Industrial Inkjets

  • Known leader in the printing and manufacturing printing equipment and products like box/casing coding printers, product coding printers, precision dispensing, and production of solar cells.
  • They provide printer heads like the 266JET-S, 768Jet, and the 384Jet. 
  • The inks they provide are the ScanTrue ll, VersaPrint V300, and the AllWrite A5000.

United Barcode Systems (UBS)

  • Founded in 1994 and UBS is well-known in the field of automatic identification. 
  • It is a leading provider of barcode printing, identification software, and its consumables like ink for their printing systems. 
  • They provide printing products from other brands like Canon, Lanier, Lexmark, and KIP. 
  • They provide oil-based inks for Piezo Electric printer heads.


  • An American Company founded in 1939 by Bill Hewlett and David Packard which was initially known for developing computer hardware and software. 
  • HP has become one of the benchmarks of the printing industry.
  • The inkjet printers which they provide include HP Sprocket printers, HP DeskJet printers, HP DeskJet Ink Advantage Printers, HP Ink Advantage Ultra printers, HP Ink Tank printers, HP LaserJet Pro printers, and HP LaserJet Pro printers.
  • The inks they provide include HP 63, HP 950 & 951, HP 62, HP 60, HP 981, HP 932 & 933, HP 920, and many more. 


  • Manufactures qualityinkjet printers which are used in the industrial sector. Their printers are known to provide high resolution results and are mostly used for coding and marking. 
  • The printers which they provide include V5 CMYK, V5 Compact, V5 Lite, V5 STD, V6 Color, V6 Orion, V6 Sport mono-block, V6 spot multi-block, V6, Titan, and V7 color. 


  • A well-known manufacturer of high quality product identification equipment. 
  • Their small character inkjets include the 9028, 9029, 9410, 9450, Thermal inkjet, thermal transfer, laser, and digital printers. 
  • They provide consumable solutions, CIJ inks, and DOD inks.


  • A known developer and manufacturer of thermalinkjet printers, laser transfer printers, and thermal overprint printers. 
  • The printers which they provide include the Ax150i, Ax350i, and Ax550i for theircontinuous inkjet series. For their Thermal transfer overprinting series they have the V120i, V230i, and the V320i.
  • They manufacture different ink ribbons for their printers which are either made from wax or resin. 


  • The printers which they produce include the UX series, UX series twin nozzle model, UX series for pigmented ink, and RX2 series. 
  • They have special purpose inks which each have their own primary applications. Some of these inks are the JP-K26, JP-K28, JP-K33, JP-K60, JP-R76, and many more.

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