April 24, 2021

Linx technologies for sale
Where to buy Linx ink?

An Overview of Linx

  • Headquarter: Merlin, Oregon
  • Key Products: Linx printers, Linx ink, Linx cleaning solution, Linx label applicators, Linx laser markers, Linx coding machine and printing inks like Linx Mixed Base 3103 Ink.
  • Focus Area: Linx printing solutions
    • Linx offers the most complete range of printing, coding and marking systems, services and consumable solutions such as Linx Mixed Base 3103 Ink so you can streamline all your printing needs from one supplier.o   Linx aims to deliver integrated solutions by supplying products like Linx Mixed Base 3103 Ink. Furthermore, Linx enables product quality and safety, regulatory and retailer compliance, better product recalls and improved manufacturing processes.
  • There are Linx technology centers located all around the world, dedicating to serve all clients and ensuring their industrial printing product such as Linx Mixed Base 3103 Ink are the first choices of their customers.
Where to buy Linx solvent 1512 ink 
Linx ink for Bulk Purchases
  • In the printing industry, Linx Mixed Base 3103 industrial ink is compatible with the Linx 4200, 4800, 4900, 6200, 6800, 6900 continuous inkjet (CIJ) printers.
  • Linx is the same company that produces all of these printers. Customers in the consumer packaged goods, industrial, and pharmaceutical sectors depend on Linx industrial printers. Industrial printing solutions from the company will help you increase efficiency, protect and expand your business, and remain on top of the latest trends and regulations
Product Name Ink Color Ink Based Consumables Substrates Markets
Linx Mixed Base 3103 Ink Black Ethanol, Acetone Designed for use on Linx 4200, 4800, 4900, 6200, 6800, 6900 continuous inkjet (CIJ) printers.  Paper, card, plastic and flow wrap. Food, beverage, cosmetics, printing and packaging.

Top Rated Linx continuous Make Up supply 

Compatible Linx Solvent 1705 for Industrial Printing

Other Industrial Printing Supplies from Linx

  • Linx Special Adherence Inks
    • Designed for applications where other inks' adhesion or durability can be hampered by manufacturing processes. Inks for coding on acrylic, polyethylene, polypropylene (including untreated OPP and BOPP), and polyvinylchloride plastics and films.
  • Linx Character Marking
    • Linx Broad Character Marking specialist inks are fast drying and have a low odour, making them perfect for food packaging. Outer case coding, product labeling, corporate branding, contact information, and ingredient lists are all examples of applications.

how to choose Linx Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) ink

Linx Industrial ink Supply

  • CIJ Printers
    • Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) devices are used to print variable details on specific objects as they advance down the manufacturing line, such as times, batches, or barcodes, irrespective of porosity, scale, shape, or texture.
  • Linx General Purpose Black Inks and Dye Based Inks
    • Linx general-purpose black inks work admirably on a wide variety of materials, making them suitable for most external packaging applications.
    • Dye-based inks that contrast well with a variety of colored substrates. For enhanced code legibility or to match packaging branding for more discrete coding.

Industrial Large Character High Resolution Printers

Linx Industrial ink for Sales

Camainks also supply Linx consumables including ink, makeup fluid and cleaning solutions such as:

Product Name Color Solvent Compatibility
Linx 3401 Ink   Black Methyl Acetate, Ethanol Linx 8900 continuous inkjet printer
Linx 1039 Ink   Black MEK Linx 5900 continuous inkjet printer
Linx Bottling 1058 Ink    Black MEK Linx 700 CIJ Printer
Linx 1010 Ink   Black MEK Linx 8900 continuous inkjet printer
Linx Ethanol 2035 Ink   Black Ethanol Linx 700 CIJ Printer


Linx continuous ink supply

The Best Linx Service Kit for Sale

How to Buy Linx Mixed Base 3103 Ink?

If you are looking for individual use printers and inks, there are many local manufacturers and distributors of Linx Mixed Base 3103 Ink available near you. Simply google “Linx Mixed Base 3103 Ink for sale near me.” However, if you looking for large quantities of Linx Mixed Base 3103 Ink, or other Linx inks, make ups, and cleaning solutions with long-term supply, Camainks has been exporting printing products to clients Worldwide. Besides Linx Mixed Base 3103 Ink, we also have other Linx Mixed Base 3103 Ink printing products such as printers, makeup fluid, and cleaning solutions for sales. For years, Camainks have been supplying our valued clients with Linx Mixed Base 3103 Ink at low-cost with top-quality. Contact us at [email protected] or send a message on WhatsApp at +86-131-2037-9271 if you have any questions or suggestions. Our customer support team will go out of its way to help you in every way possible.

Other Industrial Printing Supplies from Camainks

At Camainks, we help our clients get the right printers, printing spare parts, and printing consumables in their need. We take care of everything from sourcing the product to shipping logistics. Once you place your order, you can continue with your work and wait for your printing equipment such as Linx Mixed Base 3103 Ink. Besides Linx, we also supply printing consumables such as inks, make ups, and cleaning solutions from brands: