December 20, 2019

The Videojet 1220 tiny character inkjet is specifically designed to meet basic programming and production applications across a large range of substrates. It is ideal for different shift applications, whether single or multiple shifts,  operating at a moderate speed. 

Did you know that theVideojet 1220 is easy to use? It comes with a large paper tray plus other great features that make it an ideal choice when buying a printer. 

 The following are the valid facts that you should know about the Videojet 1220:

  • Speed without compromising quality

  • Videojet 1220 continuous inkjet has a large paper tray and is capable of printing whenever you want, even on bottles with superior print quality.Videojet parts are easily adjustable in different ways. 

    It also has a conveyor belt. The conveyor belt on Videojet 1220 is used by most applications such as; 

    1. Single line maximum speed of 162 m/min (533 ft/min)
    2. A two-line maximum speed of 59 m/min (194 ft/min)
    3. The three-line maximum speed of 29 m/min (96 ft/min)

    These Videojet 1220 printers have a variable speed control which enables you to adjust the rate of the conveyor belt to the perfect speed desired and to also add content without compromising the printing speed. Videojet 1220 printer removes the compromise between speed and content with much better print quality.

    It features where you can automatically order jet  ink. With the latest advancements, the Videojet 1220 are designed to enable coding applications to be run at any typical dual-line speeds.

  • Videojet 1220 keeps your line running
  • Videojet’s printer has been made with an advanced core technology that has all ink system filters and commonVideojet parts which makes the printing process easy. It has an Auto cleaning print head which fastens the start-up process even after various shut downs. The Optional internal air pump is used to eliminate external air plus minimizing the potential for wastes entering the ink stream.

  • Low ink consumption and Environmental protection
  • When you use the Videojet 1220, you are saving the environment from waste and pollution. The printer has unique and advanced fluid management which helps to reduce makeup consumption to as low as 2.5 ml/hr. The Smart Cartridges fluid delivery system virtually eliminates the ink spills and helps to ensure the correct fluids are being used correctly. The Smart Cartridges fluid used in theVideojet 1220 delivery system also helps in reducing waste which makes the printer friendly to the environment.

  • Simple to use 
  • Compared to other printers on the market, Videojet 1220 printers are easy to operate. They come with a bright display, Plug and Play Print head Modules and a great keyboard. It has WYSIWYG and function keys for easy operation and it also comes with a membrane style with tactile feedback, numeric, alphabetic, and special function keys similar to the PC-style which all make the operation and usage simple.

    The coding features on Videojet 1220 printer are  made with perfection and helps the user to eliminate common coding errors by putting the right code on the right product whenever necessary. 

    Videojet 1220 also comes with unique display tools which enable the user to review the data details when operating the machine. The operator can discover and detect any technical and operational problems of unplanned downtime and can also help identify the root cause of the problem downtime as well. The printer user/operator can take the necessary action and boost productivity and profits in their business.

  • Low  maintenance cost 
  • The all-new Videojet 1220 continuous ink jet printer is engineered to keep your line up and running longer up to 9,000 hours of production between installation time and maintenance. This Videojet 1220 printer is designed for users who print up to 6-8 hours per day, 5 days per week. This gives the customer an advantage of enjoying low running costs in maintenance.

    Theprinter consumables and ink consumables are also readily available. 

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