December 20, 2019

A Hybrid system is one that is made up bycombining two different elements. Hybrid printing  describes the combination of digital and analog technological processes within one unit.

 MPS is a worldwide, well-known and high-quality brand of flexo and offset press solutions for label and flexible packaging printers while Domino printing solutions specializes in digital inkjet printing. So a hybrid press involves the  symbiotic combination of the MPS flexo platform and a fully integrated Domino digital inkjet unit. By bringing together the different strengths each system has, new solutions are given birth to; hence the hybrid system becomes more superior.

The evolution to hybrid printing uses digital domino inkjet printing technology using the inkjet ink which connects seamlessly with flexo technologies and finishing stations without compromising the image quality or in productivity. The hybrid printing technology offers new versatility and creates new pathways for narrow web printers.

Advantages of Hybrid printing

  • Gives business ventures a wider market for maximum profitability
  • Hybrid printing covers a wider market because of its combination of many different printing techniques which utilizes the advantageous sides of the techniques. E.g. in flexo printing, cold foil data cannot be done in digital format but with hybrid printing, both styles can be done. You can also customize print runs in your hybrid printing because of the combined features of different printing methods to meet the current market demands.

  • Increased productivity
  • If you are targeting to get maximum profits in your bulk printing business, focus on meeting all the customers' demand. Hybrid printing is the best solution as it ensures that the printing process is as short as it can be. It enables you to serve a lot of customers since you can combine different printing techniques. This is not possible in flexo because you can’t print variable data or do cold foil in digital. When using hybrid printing technique, however, you can do both.

    Hybrid presses using the inkjet printer ink combines a suite of advanced technology which helps you to customize print runs and meet customer demands.  As a printer owner, you have a chance of offering varieties of applications and possibilities to your printing customers. Its also perfect for industrial printers. 

  • Print and finish up labels in a single pass
  • With hybrid printing, a single pass of a product is enough to meet the end product requirements. This is necessary for the digitalized business compared to the system where several machines are used whenever printing the end product. Using several machines increases the margin of error and many print shops end up with spoilt or semi-finished products in their shops.

  • The system is fully automated with proven uptime
  • The pressure settings and pre-registration data are stored in the job status memory. The hybrid printing system is made with great technology and it has an automated cleaning process of the inkjet head. It also uses  Servo for  adjusting the inkjet head alignment.

    There are Over 500 MPS flexo presses sold world wide and Over 500 Domino inkjet installs world wide. 

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  • Simplifies complex jobs
  • Hybrid printers support changes in between complex jobs offering imaging facilities for the variable data. Production using hybrid printers is also believed to reduce operational and consumable costs.

    Hybrid printing is still a new concept however it is gaining fast popularity over the years. According to research by experts in the field, it is estimated that the hybrid printing business has a growth rate of 15-20% per year and a production value amounting to 9%. It is believed that hybrid printing with the inkjet printer ink might be the future alternative to printing. Hybrid printing has led to quicker lead times, reduced pricing and reduced print job length.

    Is hybrid printing the correct choice for you? Although it requires a large initial capital, the extra cost is repaid by the system's efficiency, combined order flow; minimized capital in machines purchase and 100% gamut color ensures higher productivity. 

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