July 24, 2019

Videojet Makeup  v705  is a fluid that is added to Videojet liquid ink to reduce the viscosity of the liquid ink. The Videojet makeup v705 is generally a solvent and is in a Videojet printer provided with a makeup fluid tank. The presence of the printing ink can be monitored easily because the Videojet printer has a light-emitting and receiving element especially made to detect the makeup fluid v705 by the use of UV light which irradiates from the light-emitting element.

Here at Camainks, all our printer inks are made of the highest quality ingredients and are produced in our fully-equipped facility under sustainable and equitable conditions.

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Qualities of  Videojet v705

  1. Less maintenance of the printer head which in turn will result in faster production when used, this is due to No sedimentation, sludge formation or residue remaining because of the vigorous process and various filtration processes it undergoes during the manufacturing process.

  2. Dries rapidly after printing and It does not fade easily.

  3. You can choose to use makeup fluid v705 for a fast dry on high-speed processing.

  4. It has the ability to penetrate light oil coating on plastic and metal.

  5. It is a general-purpose ink for waxy substrates and plastics.

  6. It is also heat resistant and has low migration.

  7. Scratch and rub resistance on flexible packaging.

  8. The Videojet makeup  v705 is made with the highest quality materials which makes it good for quality printing.

  9. Videojet v705 much cheaper and affordable for all customers.

  10. Tested before distribution to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

Videojet v705

When should I use Videojet v705?

Videojet ink is designed specifically for special applications in the markets for different consumers. 

  • For Chemical Applications

The Videojet  v705d can be used in the labeling of chemical drums and containers which need identification with high resistance to different chemicals, water, heat, and harsh weather conditions. Videojet offers the best solutions with the necessary resistance to meet all GHS requirements approved with the base materials which meet the chemical drum label applications.

  • Marking Durable Goods & Equipment Labels

Durable goods have a long lifespan and most equipment tools require labels which can consistently and easily perform in harsh environments without fading. Examples of equipment include industrial appliances, heating, and cooling power tools, lawnmowers, air conditioners, generators among others. Although most of the durable labels used are for product identification, Videojet ink can also be used in helping customers identify their equipment by using the provided critical instructions and warnings.

  • Flexible Packaging Applications

Videojet makeup fluid v705 d can be used for flexible packaging that requires high speed for imprinting date, price, lot and bar codes directly. Videojet makeup  v705 technologies are used in food packaging, healthcare and also in plants such as the retail product manufacturing plants. 

  • In healthcare

Videojet makeup fluid v705 is commonly used for patient safety and accuracy such as on patient wristbands and specimen labeling. The industrial ink is also used in marking track and trace information like the lot codes and expiration dates on medications.


Why v705?

Videojet V705 makeup

Videojet V705 makeup has many advantages that include:

  • Videojet Makeup  v705 keeps your printing machines in good shape and running perfectly.

  • It has been tried and tested and proved to be compatible with all Videojet printing machines.

  • No re-filling required; the make-up fluids are supplied in bottles or cartridges that fit well onto the printers.

  • You can easily purchase in bulk the Videojet makeup fluid v705 thus reducing on the purchasing

  • Videojet  v705 passes quality control tests, therefore, customers are guaranteed of the great quality of makeup fluid without damaging the printers.

Videojet  v705

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