August 22, 2019

Camainks offers V415 Inkjet Ink; a unique Ink in the market suited to for metal marking because of its high Contrast.  This ink is great for high-speed applications for a wide variety of substrates.

Features of V415 Ink

  1. Dry time; the V415 dries quickly in less than 2 seconds. There is absolutely no need to worry about the possibility of smudging the ink when handling the printed items.
  2. Color; violet makes V415 perfect because it produces high-contrast codes on metals and other irregular surfaces.
  3. Solvent type MEK; this printer ink has MEK-Free Low VOC (V930) and also the MEK-Free Drug Precursor Free (V940). Other cleaning options are also available. Compare with v410 ink 
  4. Contrast;this precious video jet ink v415 has excellent contrast on lighter black color substrates that make the results visible and the printed materials come out more visibly


5. Adhesion; V415 is excellent and consumable on a variety of plastics, metal, and glass materials.

6. Chemical Resistance;415 uses a special kind of ink that is water and fade resistant, lasting 22 times more than conventional ink

7. Autoclave; the ink being of the high-quality is highly resistant during retort and autoclaving on metals, most of plastics and glass although it shows slight fainting of the code in some plastic materials. The fading problem though doesn’t happen often.
8. Shelf storage-The inkjet printer ink has shelf storage 18 months before expiry whereas the make-up for the ink shelf life is about 24 months/2 years.  The cleaning solution mixture also lasts up to 29 or 30 months before expiry and the Ink shelf-life 12 months 

 9.Shipping and handling;v415 is easily transported and shipped without affecting the shelf life of the ink. The packaging of the V415 is excellent, the containers used are strong and this makes guaranteed delivery minus leaks

10. Resistance-It is resistant to automotive/aerospace fluids such as hydraulic fluid, oil, and diesel fuel.


Uses of V415 Ink

Common applications for V415 are found in automotive, aerospace, metal castings, formed metal or extruded sheet metal.

This ink is designed for optimal usage, both for home use as well as business users, to be used on formed metal and metal assembly parts.

CamainksV415 Inkjet Ink is qualified to be used within the 1000 Line various inkjet printers.

The ink is multi-purpose and it penetrates light coating on most of plastic and metal.

Advantagesof usingV415

  • .The V415 Ink is perfect because it is durable and it is also resistant    to harsh weather conditions such as rain and sunshine.
  • Since the printer ink is resistant to automotive/aerospace fluids such as hydraulic fluid, oil, and diesel fuel, It can be used in the automotive industry.
  • The V415 ink can be refilled using new Spill-free refill system; using tiny bottles that can be plugged directly into the Ink Tank with ease
  • The ink has the capacity to penetrate thin layers of oil coating on plastic and met
  • The video jet parts, video jet 1520, video jet 1220 among others are compliant with the European Printing Ink Association (EuPIA) Exclusion List
  • Can be used with videojet makeups


Due to its patented formula and capacity, the Ink V415 is among the best Inks for a variety of printers and can as well be used for marking metal and wax-coated substrates. This excellent Ink was made with perfection and it was able to pass different quality and coding tests. It can be used with high flexibility and comfort-ability as it takes a very short time to dry compared to other inks.

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