July 30, 2019

When looking for perfect inkjet printer ink, you should ask yourself questions like;

is it locally available? Is it affordable? Is the ink of good quality and above all, is it compatible with my printing device?

Camainks is a global manufacturer and distributor of inks continuously evolved to meet the ever-changing demands of consumers.  Here are our case studies.  All the markem imaje inks are tested in quality, performance and environmental effects using all types of printers including military, commercial and even government printers.

Compatible Markem Imaje ink has been carefully formulated to perfection using the best raw materials of the highest quality available. This markem imaje ink is manufactured and supplied to a wide range of customers such as the equipment manufacturers to third-party ink distributors because of its admirable quality.

Markem imaje ink is developed specifically for their continuous inkjet equipment as well as having a full range of third-party continuous inkjet inks for almost all makes and models of continuous inkjet printers.

Hereis  a variety ofMarkem imajecompatibleinks


So what makes Markem Imaje ink different from other inks?

  1. Top-notch quality control; the inks that are supplied to the customers pass through strict quality tests done by professional chemists ensuring that the end product is of highest quality and standard and hence guaranteed to satisfy the consumer.
  2. Bespoke formulations; the needs of consumers of Markem imaje ink are always considered first. In case the type of markem image ink the customer wants is currently not available on their site, Camainks offers custom made ink to its customers.
  3. Markem imaje ink has now gone global; many people view it as a local company, this misconception arises mainly because they have for example a well-coordinated and efficient supply chain. Markem imaje relies on production sites strategically placed in more than 120 countries globally. These strategic sites enable Markem imaje to efficiently manage their imports and exports meaning that they can consolidate orders when products arrive from different areas.
  4. Affordable; Markem imaje ink products are relatively cheaper compared to other products.
  5. The inks make high-quality marks on a wide range of substrates
  6. Innovative; Markem imaje continuously innovates its products to meet the evolving needs of the consumers.
  7. Markem imaje has a wide range of printer inks including:
  • Food labelling inks which are compliant with EEC standards
  • Thermochromic printer inks which indicate any temperature change by changing its color
  • Washable labeling inks for reusable and returnable bottles or any type of container
  • Environmentally friendly printer inks that are water-based and also alcohol-based
  • Anti-diversion markem imaje ink
  • For high contrast use pigmented markem imaje inks are readily available in the market
  • For vulcanization applications and uses, markem imaje ink has a fade-resistant printer ink.

Markem imaje ink range of products is extensive and is not limited to the above list. Markem imaje offers a wide variety of ink to choose from, you can make your choice depending on the color, size of the cartridge, styles of fluid and compatibility with your printer.

Markem imaje also gives consumers an option to order custom made ink to fit their needs. Markem Imaje has qualified chemists who happily will make changes to the ink to meet your specifications. Markem imaje prides itself with its extensive range of products and takes every opportunity to expand its range of inks even more. When it comes to purchasing ink, look no further than Markem imaje.

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