Overview of the Printing Industry in Argentina and How to Buy Printers and Ink

Buy inks in Argentina

An Overview of Argentina

  • Argentina has a population of 45.6 million.
  • Capital: Buenos Aires
  • Official Language: Spanish
  • Total Area: 2.78 million km²
  • Currency: Argentine Peso

Economic Statistics of Argentina

  • Argentina has reached a GDP of 416.94 billion USD. Its largest industries are
  1. Food Processing
  2. Motor Vehicles
  3. Electronics & Machinery
  4. Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals
  5. Industrial Materials
  • The breakdown of Argentina’ GDP Composition includes
  1. Services (53.63%)
  2. Industry (23.13%)
  3. Agriculture (7.2%)
  • The main importers of Argentina’s goods are
  1. Brazil (18.34%)
  2. United States (6.95%)
  3. China (6.84%)
  4. Chile (4.93%)
  5. Vietnam (3.41%)
  • While the main exporters to Argentina are
  1. Brazil (23.8%)
  2. China (18.45%)
  3. United States (11.76%)
  4. Germany (5.12%)
  5. Paraguay (3.32%)

The Printing Industry in Argentina

  • As the economy in Argentina has grown, there is an increased need to buy printers, consumables such as inks and makeups and cleaning solutions.
  • With 732,246 daily copies sold among 27 media outlets, in 2017 the industry experienced a record low in sales (within the last 60 years).
  • Among the reasons of the fall are a lack of interest and costs. Other reasons include a reduction in income from advertising (in 2017 more funds went to online media than to print) and a constant increase in paper costs.
  • To address the fall in sales, leading print companies have developed strategies aimed at capturing subscribers by means of loyalty card programs, such as 360 (Clarín) and Club La Nacion.
  • As a result, more people in Argentina are looking for printers for sale whether from domestic sources or via imports.

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The Packaging Industry in Argentina

  • The Argentine packaging industry valued 38.8 billion units in 2019 is further anticipated to grow significantly in the years to come.
  • Flexible packaging accounted for the largest share in the packaging industry, followed by rigid plastics and paper & board packaging in 2019.
  • With people getting busier than ever before resulting in a hectic lifestyle demands convenience in almost all our day to day used products. Therefore, consumers prefer products with convenient and sustainable packaging, which in turn is anticipated to witness a surge in demand for such packaging materials.
  • This boosting economy in Argentina will continue to drive demand for industrial inkjet printer, printing equipment, printing parts, printing consumables such as inks, make ups and cleaning solutions.

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The Manufacturing Industry in Argentina

  • The average value for Argentina was 24.71 percent with a minimum of 12.78 percent in 2018 and a maximum of 41.18 percent in 1965.
  • Argentina manufacturing output for 2019 was $57.92B, a 12.42% decline from 2018.
  • GDP From Manufacturing in Argentina increased to 113121.80 ARS Million in the fourth quarter of 2020 from 106229.49 ARS Million in the third quarter of 2020
  • Hence, Argentina’s expanding manufacturing sector has increased demand for printing and industrial ink such as Videojet ink, Inkjet refills, and Hitachi parts.

Sea Ports and Trading Hubs of Argentina

  1. Mar del Plata
  2. Quequén
  3. Belgrano
  4. Rosales
  5. Ingeniero White

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For importing Inkjet printers, Citronix printers, Videojet inks, and other spare parts, Camainks uses the largest port of Mar de Plata when exporting to our clients in Argentina. We have exported items such as inkjet printers, CIJ printers, laser printers, and specialized brands of printer consumables including:

  • Videojet inks
  • Domino inks
  • Citronix CIJ inks
  • and other printer spare parts

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What Printers and Ink Do Argentina Import?

Although Argentina does have some manufacturers for printers and ink like Risograph ink and Domino Inkjet printer, Argentina still needs to import from countries such as Brazil, United States, China, Germany, and Paraguay. This demand for importing printers and ink in Argentina is due to its fast-growing economy. Some printers, ink, and related consumables that Argentina imports from these countries include,

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What Regulations Are There on Importing Printers and Ink to Argentina?

  • Argentina uses the MERCOSUR Common Nomenclature, known as the Nomenclatura Común del MERCOSUR (NCM), which is consistent with the U.S. Harmonized System for tariff classification.
  • Ad-valorem duties are assessed on the CIF (Cost+Insurance+Freight) value of the imported merchandise at the Argentine port or airport of entry. In 2019, the average tariff rate was 22%.
  • Within ANMAT, the National Food Institute (INAL) regulates consumer-ready food products, health supplements, and both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, with the exception of wine.
  • ANMAT (Administración Nacional de Medicamentos, Alimentos y Tecnología Médica), the regulatory equivalent of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration within the Ministry of Health, regulates and prohibits imports of certain toxic substances contained in products such as pharmaceutical products and cosmetics.
  • Because inks contain hazardous chemicals, it is important to follow Argentina’s import regulations.

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Why Should Argentina Import Printers and Ink?

  1. Availability - The local industry has limited capacity and some clients in Argentina require printers and ink promptly.
  2. High Product Cost - Given the domestic competition in Argentina, printers and the continuous ink supply are more expensive to buy domestically than on the world market.
  3. Product Quality - While most international suppliers have a good brand reputation and quality, some smaller domestic manufacturers in Argentina can have variant product quality.

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Where Can I Buy Printers and Ink for Argentina?

If you are looking for individual use printers and inks, there are many domestic manufacturers and distributors available in Argentina. However, if you looking for large quantities of inks, make ups and cleaning solutions, Camainks has been exporting print products such as Videojet ink, Linx printing technologies, and Markem Imaje 2200 to clients in Argentina. Feel free to contact us at [email protected] or WhatsApp us at +86-131-2037-9271 for a FREE quotation. We also ship worldwide; for other countries, check out our experience here.