Overview of the Printing Industry in Bangladesh and How to Buy Printers and Ink

Buy inks in Bangladesh

An Overview of Bangladesh

  • Bangladesh has a population of 166.3 million.
  • Capital: Dhaka
  • Official Language: Bengali
  • Total Area: 146,460 km²
  • Currency: Bangladeshi Taka

Economic Statistics of Bangladesh

  • Bangladesh has reached a GDP of 966 billion USD. Its largest industries are
  1. Textile
  2. Pharmaceuticals
  3. Electronics
  4. Ship building
  5. Automotives
  • The breakdown of Bangladesh’ GDP Composition includes
  1. Services (50.11%)
  2. Industry (35.66%)
  3. Agriculture (14.23%)
  • The main importers of Bangladesh’s goods are
  1. EU (58.2%)
  2. US (16.3%)
  3. Japan (3.1%)
  4. Canada (3.0%)
  5. India (2.4%)
  • While the main exporters to Bangladesh are
  1. China (21.5%)
  2. India (12.2%)
  3. Singapore (9.2%)
  4. EU (6.2%)
  5. Hong Kong (5.5%)

The Printing Industry in Bangladesh

  • As the economy in Bangladesh has grown, there is an increased need to buy printers, consumables such as inks and makeups and cleaning solutions.
  • The annual market value of printing goods and commodities and services rendered by the printing industry of Bangladesh is around Tk4,000 crore.
  • The printing industry of Bangladesh has good relationships with China, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Australia, and the US.
  • Even today, in the age of electronic media, annual growth rates in book production and other commercial printing materials are still recorded. As per information of Wikipedia retrieved on December 12, 2019, China was at the top of publishing 440,000 titles in 2013, while USA standing second produced 304,912 titles.
  • As a result, more people in Bangladesh are looking for printers for sale whether from domestic sources or via imports.

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The Packaging Industry in Bangladesh

  • Over the last twenty years the Bangladesh packaging industry has seen its development essentially driven by the strong export demand from the Ready Made Garments (RMG) industry.
  • Contrary to the powerful neighbouring packaging industries of China and India and despite its large population Bangladesh lacks a strong demand for packaging at national level.
  • Bangladesh is surrounded by countries which count as the most technically competent and cost effective in the world.
  • This boosting economy in Bangladesh will continue to drive demand for industrial inkjet printer, printing equipment, printing parts, printing consumables such as inks, make ups and cleaning solutions.

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The Manufacturing Industry in Bangladesh

  • Bangladesh expects to reach middle-income country status by 2021, and their manufacturing industry is one of the biggest contributing factors.
  • This developing nation is leading the way in sustainable manufacturing. The country is home to 90 LEED green factories (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), 24 of which are considered platinum and 6 of which are in the top 10 in the world.
  • The movement towards sustainability in Bangladesh has significantly improved the country’s reputation.
  • Hence, Bangladesh’s expanding manufacturing sector has increased demand for printing and industrial ink such as Videojet ink, Inkjet refills, and Hitachi parts.

Sea Ports and Trading Hubs of Bangladesh

  1. Chittagong
  2. Mongla
  3. Payra
  4. Matarbari

How to Buy Citronix Printe

Camainks uses the Port of Chittagong when exporting printing products to Bangladesh

For importing Inkjet printers, Citronix printers, Videojet inks, and other spare parts, Camainks uses the largest port of Chittagong when exporting to our clients in Bangladesh. We have exported items such as inkjet printers, CIJ printers, laser printers, and specialized brands of printer consumables including:

  • Videojet inks
  • Domino inks
  • Citronix CIJ inks
  • and other printer spare parts

Where to buy Linx printer ink?

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What Printers and Ink Do Bangladesh Import?

Although Bangladesh does have some manufacturers for printers and ink like Risograph ink and Domino Inkjet printer, Bangladesh still needs to import from countries such as China, India, Singapore, EU, and Hong Kong. This demand for importing printers and ink in Bangladesh is due to its fast-growing economy. Some printers, ink, and related consumables that Bangladesh imports from these countries include,

Continuous Make-ups Supply for Citronix printing technologies

Compatible Hitachi TH 70 Make Up for industrial printers

What Regulations Are There on Importing Printers and Ink to Bangladesh?

  • Includes import documentation and other requirements for both the U.S. exporter and foreign importer. In general, documents required for importation include a letter of credit authorization form, a bill of lading or airway bill, commercial invoice or packing list, and a certificate of origin
  • Bangladesh Customs operates under the National Board of Revenue (NBR), which is the lead tax collection agency in Bangladesh.  The NBR is part of the Internal Resources Division (IRD) under the Ministry of Finance.
  • Items banned on either religious, social, health, or economic policy grounds include illegal drugs, materials that would offend religious sensitivities, certain agricultural products and several types of reconditioned equipment.
  • Examples of dangerous goods include, among others, include Calcium Carbide; Sulphur; Refrigerant Gas, Fish Meal, Tetrafluoroethane, Liquefied Gas, Isobutane, Chlorodifluoromethane etc.
  • Usual customs procedure such as submission of goods declaration with necessary import documents to the Customs authority and release order of Customs is necessary for Dangerous Goods.
  • Because inks contain hazardous chemicals, it is important to follow Bangladesh’s import regulations.

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Why Should Bangladesh Import Printers and Ink?

  1. Availability - The local industry has limited capacity and some clients in Bangladesh require printers and ink promptly.
  2. High Product Cost - Given the domestic competition in Bangladesh, printers and the continuous ink supply are more expensive to buy domestically than on the world market.
  3. Product Quality - While most international suppliers have a good brand reputation and quality, some smaller domestic manufacturers in Bangladesh can have variant product quality.

Where to buy printers

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Where Can I Buy Printers and Ink for Bangladesh?

If you are looking for individual use printers and inks, there are many domestic manufacturers and distributors available in Bangladesh. However, if you looking for large quantities of inks, make ups and cleaning solutions, Camainks has been exporting print products such as Videojet ink, Linx printing technologies, and Markem Imaje 2200 to clients in Bangladesh. Feel free to contact us at [email protected] or WhatsApp us at +86-131-2037-9271 for a FREE quotation. We also ship worldwide; for other countries, check out our experience here.