Overview of the Printing Industry in Iran and How to Buy Printers and Ink

Buy inks in Iran

An Overview of Iran

  • Iran has a population of 84.85 million.
  • Capital: Tehran
  • Official Language: Persian
  • Total Area: 1.6 million km²
  • Currency: Iranian Rial

Economic Statistics of Iran

  • Iran has reached a GDP of 610 billion USD. Its largest industries are
  1. Petroleum refining
  2. Petrochemicals
  3. Fertilizers
  4. Car Manufacturing
  5. Pharmaceuticals
  • The breakdown of Iran’ GDP Composition includes
  1. Services (55.0%)
  2. Industry (35.3%)
  3. Agriculture (6.9%)
  • The main importers of Iran’s goods are
  1. China (30.1%)
  2. India (21.4%)
  3. UAE (7.6%)
  4. South Korea (5.8%)
  5. Japan (4.9%)
  • While the main exporters to Iran are
  1. China (27.8%)
  2. United Arab Emirates (18.81%)
  3. Germany (5.94%)
  4. India (5.64%)
  5. South Korea (5.55%)

The Printing Industry in Iran

  • As the economy in Iran has grown, there is an increased need to buy printers, consumables such as inks and makeups and cleaning solutions.
  • The Print Market Iran generated print revenues of US$ 624 million at the beginning of the decade of which 40% were in offset printing and 15% in flexo.
  • Iran can boast the largest print house in the Middle East - Offset Press Inc. with a turnover of over US$ 30 million p.a. is privately owned and recently floated on the Tehran Stock Exchange - making it the only printing company on the market.
  • The market grew to around US$ 927 million in 2015, driven by strong growth in flexo packaging as well as digital print.
  • As a result, more people in Iran are looking for printers for sale whether from domestic sources or via imports.

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The Packaging Industry in Iran

  • Over the past decade, the packaging industry has transformed itself from a protective box into a full-fledged product. From large delivery companies like Amazon, to tech-giants like Apple, to a range of smaller start-ups, packaging has been increasingly playing a central role in how these firms interact with and attract customers.
  • Packaging in Iran has taken on particular significance since the economy was severely affected following the imposition of sanctions by the western powers (over Iran’s nuclear energy program).
  • Today, packaging industry in global market and Iranian market has become a powerful technology.
  • This boosting economy in Iran will continue to drive demand for industrial inkjet printer, printing equipment, printing parts, printing consumables such as inks, make ups and cleaning solutions.

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The Manufacturing Industry in Iran

  • Oil, gas and petrochemicals Iran manufactures 60–70% of its industrial equipment domestically, including various turbines, pumps, catalysts, refineries, oil tankers, drilling rigs, offshore platforms and exploration instruments.
  • The production index of large manufacturing institutions increased by 8.7 per cent in 2017. These institutions manufacture chemical products, main metals, automobiles, trailers and semi-trailers, and food products with a relative rate of 69.9 per cent for this kind of products.
  • Iran now produces a wide range of manufactured commodities, such as automobiles, electric appliances, telecommunications equipment, industrial machinery, paper, rubber products, steel, food products, wood and leather products, textiles, and pharmaceuticals.
  • Hence, Iran’s expanding manufacturing sector has increased demand for printing and industrial ink such as Videojet ink, Inkjet refills, and Hitachi parts.

Sea Ports and Trading Hubs of Iran

  1. Bandar-Abbas
  2. Bandar-e Mahshahr
  3. Abadan
  4. Bandar-e Emam Khomeyni
  5. Bandar-e Lengeh

How to Buy Citronix Printers

Camainks uses the Port of Bandar-Abbas when exporting printing products to Iran

For importing Inkjet printers, Citronix printers, Videojet inks, and other spare parts, Camainks uses the largest port of Bandar-Abbas when exporting to our clients in Iran. We have exported items such as inkjet printers, CIJ printers, laser printers, and specialized brands of printer consumables including:

  • Videojet inks
  • Domino inks
  • Citronix CIJ inks
  • and other printer spare parts

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What Printers and Ink Do Iran Import?

Although Iran does have some manufacturers for printers and ink like Risograph ink and Domino Inkjet printer, Iran still needs to import from countries such as China, UAE,  Germany, India, and South Korea. This demand for importing printers and ink in Iran is due to its fast-growing economy. Some printers, ink, and related consumables that Iran imports from these countries include,

Continuous Make-ups Supply for Citronix printing technologies

Compatible Hitachi TH 70 Make Up for industrial printers

What Regulations Are There on Importing Printers and Ink to Iran?

  • Iran has extensive tariffs on imports and exports across a range of goods in the country. Imports valued at over US$50,000 are subject to a pre-shipment quantity and quality inspection. 
  • Indirect taxes such as value added tax (VAT) is a set rate per goods, ranging from three to 10 per cent and some goods may be subject to double taxation if also required from the country of origin.
  • Cargo and goods being imported into the country must be secured and fully concealed with documentation of commercial invoice, bill of lading, labelling and measurements. Most imports come via ports through the gulf and are apparent to customs upon arrival.
  • An application for grant of license for hazardous chemicals shall be accompanied by an EIA of the project or industrial activity involving generation, collection, consignment, transport, treatment, disposal, storage, handling or import of a hazardous substance in respect of which the license is sought.
  • Because inks contain hazardous chemicals, it is important to follow Iran’s import regulations.

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Why Should Iran Import Printers and Ink?

  1. Availability - The local industry has limited capacity and some clients in Iran require printers and ink promptly.
  2. High Product Cost - Given the domestic competition in Iran, printers and the continuous ink supply are more expensive to buy domestically than on the world market.
  3. Product Quality - While most international suppliers have a good brand reputation and quality, some smaller domestic manufacturers in Iran can have variant product quality.

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Where Can I Buy Printers and Ink for Iran?

If you are looking for individual use printers and inks, there are many domestic manufacturers and distributors available in Iran. However, if you looking for large quantities of inks, make ups and cleaning solutions, Camainks has been exporting print products such as Videojet ink, Linx printing technologies, and Markem Imaje 2200 to clients in Iran. Feel free to contact us at [email protected] or WhatsApp us at +86-131-2037-9271 for a FREE quotation. We also ship worldwide; for other countries, check out our experience here.