Overview of the Printing Industry in Myanmar and How to Buy Printers and Ink

Buy inks in Myanmar

An Overview of Myanmar

  • Myanmar has a population of 54 million.
  • Capital: Naypyitaw
  • Official Language: Burmese
  • Total Area: 676,575 km²
  • Currency: Myanmar Kyat

Economic Statistics of Myanmar

  • Myanmar has reached a GDP of 275 billion USD. Its largest industries are
  1. Wood and wood products
  2. Copper, Tin, Tungsten, Iron
  3. Cement and Construction materials
  4. Pharmaceuticals
  5. Fertilizer
  • The breakdown of Myanmar’ GDP Composition includes
  1. Services (40.3%)
  2. Industry (35.6%)
  3. Agriculture (24.1%)
  • The main importers of Myanmar’s goods are
  1. China (33.35%)
  1. Thailand (18.34%)
  2. Japan (8.32%)
  3. India (3.44%)
  4. Hong Kong (3.40%)
  • While the main exporters to Myanmar are
  1. China (32.17%)
  1. Singapore (19.08%)
  2. Thailand (13.41%)
  3. India (5.12%)
  4. Indonesia (4.84%)

The Printing Industry in Myanmar

  • As the economy in Myanmar has grown, there is an increased need to buy printers, consumables such as inks and makeups and cleaning solutions.
  • Myanmar has three free of charge, state-owned newspapers that are distributed on a daily basis.
  • Printers and publishers who would like to engage with the printing and publishing industry or a company or an organization based in Myanmar must apply for the registration of the respective media enterprise to the registration officer.
  • There are a large variety of magazines in Burma, ranging from monthly to biannual, although their market is smaller compared to the "journals". Currently, there are four kinds of printing process in Myanmar: Letterpress, offset, Silk Screen and Ink Jet.
  • As a result, more people in Myanmar are looking for printers for sale whether from domestic sources or via imports.

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The Packaging Industry in Myanmar

  • Increasing demand from the end-user industries such as food, beverage as well as House Hold Chemicals is driving the market growth.
  • Myanmar gains an advantage from its strategic location between the two biggest emerging markets in the world: India and China. With low minimum wages of approximately USD 3.60 daily, tax incentives and Special Economic Zone benefits, the region has become an attractive destination for manufacturers of products such as garments, value-added Production of Food and beverages.
  • The market for Myanmar packaging is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5% during the forecast period 2021 - 2026.
  • This boosting economy in Myanmar will continue to drive demand for industrial inkjet printer, printing equipment, printing parts, printing consumables such as inks, make ups and cleaning solutions.

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The Manufacturing Industry in Myanmar

  • Myanmar's industrial sector has witnessed dramatic growth over the past five years, with manufacturing largely concentrated in garment and textiles, agricultural processing, automotive parts manufacturing, and canning and bottling.
  • According to the latest data by Myanmar’s Central Statistical Organisation, industry, including energy, mining, processing and manufacturing, electrical power and construction, contributed 30% to GDP in 2014, with processing and manufacturing alone comprising 21% of the economy that year.
  • The Ministry of Industry (MoI) oversees industrial development in the country through a vast portfolio of offices and directorates, most notably its Union Ministerial Office, responsible for consumer products including pharmaceuticals and foodstuffs, textiles, ceramics, paper and chemicals products, and construction materials, as well as heavy industrial products.
  • Hence, Myanmar’s expanding manufacturing sector has increased demand for printing and industrial ink such as Videojet ink, Inkjet refills, and Hitachi parts.

Sea Ports and Trading Hubs of Myanmar

  1. Yangon
  2. Myit Nge
  3. Thilawa

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For importing Inkjet printers, Citronix printers, Videojet inks, and other spare parts, Camainks uses the largest port of Yangon when exporting to our clients in Myanmar. We have exported items such as inkjet printers, CIJ printers, laser printers, and specialized brands of printer consumables including:

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  • Domino inks
  • Citronix CIJ inks
  • Other printer spare parts

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What Printers and Ink Do Myanmar Import?

Although Myanmar does have some manufacturers for printers and ink like Risograph ink and Domino Inkjet printer, Myanmar still needs to import from countries such as China, Singapore, Thailand, India, and Indonesia. This demand for importing printers and ink in Myanmar is due to its fast-growing economy. Some printers, ink, and related consumables that Myanmar imports from these countries include,

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What Regulations Are There on Importing Printers and Ink to Myanmar?

  • Imports of goods into and exports from Myanmar are governed by the Sea Customs Act (1878), the Land Customs Act (1924), the Export and Import Law 2012, and the Tariff Law (1992).
  • Myanmar is a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO), but international tariff standards cover only 18 percent of its goods and services.  While its commitment to binding international tariffs agreements is limited, Myanmar generally levies tariffs that are comparable or lower than that of other countries in the region.
  • Myanmar tariffs generally range from zero to 40 percent. Luxury items have the highest tariffs.  As a member of the ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA), Myanmar has committed the Common Effective Preferential Tariff Scheme (CEPT) to reduce intra-ASEAN import tariffs for all tariff lines by 2018. 
  • Concerning import licenses, the Government of Myanmar has embraced important liberalization measures to facilitate trade transactions.  Since 2013, the Government of Myanmar has removed license requirements for 593 imported goods, including: processed foods, garments, paper products, paints, cosmetics, automobile parts, tires, construction materials, electrical appliances, computer accessories and medical products.
  • In accordance with the requirements of Regulations on Safe Management of Hazardous Chemicals in Myanmar, Myanmar Customs will inspect the hazardous chemicals subject to import/ export as well as their packages, including the hazardous chemicals that are listed in the inventory of hazardous chemicals in Myanmar.
  • Because inks contain hazardous chemicals, it is important to follow Myanmar’s import regulations.

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Why Should Myanmar Import Printers and Ink?

  1. Availability - The local industry has limited capacity and some clients in Myanmar require printers and ink promptly.
  2. High Product Cost - Given the domestic competition in Myanmar, printers and the continuous ink supply are more expensive to buy domestically than on the world market.
  3. Product Quality - While most international suppliers have a good brand reputation and quality, some smaller domestic manufacturers in Myanmar can have variant product quality.

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Where Can I Buy Printers and Ink for Myanmar?

If you are looking for individual use printers and inks, there are many domestic manufacturers and distributors available in Myanmar. However, if you looking for large quantities of inks, make ups and cleaning solutions, Camainks has been exporting print products such as Videojet ink, Linx printing technologies, and Markem Imaje 2200 to clients in Myanmar. Feel free to contact us at [email protected] or WhatsApp us at +86-131-2037-9271 for a FREE quotation. We also ship worldwide; for other countries, check out our experience here.