Overview of the Printing Industry in Vietnam and How to Buy Printers and Ink

An Overview of Vietnam

  • Vietnam has a population of 96.46 million.
  • Capital: Hanoi
  • Official Language: Vietnamese
  • Total Area: 331,212 km²
  • Currency: Vietnamese Dong

Economic Statistics of Vietnam

  • Vietnam has reached a GDP of $329,537 million USD. Its largest industries are
  1. Textiles
  2. Food
  3. Furniture
  4. Plastics and paper
  5. Tourism
  6. Telecommunications
  • The breakdown of Vietnam GDP Composition includes
  1. Agriculture (15.4%)
  2. Services (51.3%)
  3. Industry (33.3%)
  • The main importers of Vietnam’s goods are
  1. China (29%)
  2. Korea (18.5%)
  3. Thailand (4.6%)
  4. United States (5.67%)
  5. Japan (7.7%)
  • While the main exporters to Vietnam are
  1. South Korea (7.09%)
  2. China (19.6%)
  3. Hong Kong (3.52%)
  4. United States (18.1%)
  5. Japan (7.43%)

The Printing Industry in Vietnam

  • As the economy in Vietnam has grown, there is an increased need to buy printers, consumables such as inks and makeups and cleaning solutions.
  • The printing industry's growth in recent years has exposed a shortage of innovations, as the sector is marked by a low degree of design, technological, and manufacturing capability.
  • In Vietnam, there are over 2000 printing companies, the majority of which specialize in commercial label, and packaging printing.
  • The printing industry in Vietnam has a total annual turnover of more than US$ 2 billion.
  • As a result, more people in Vietnam are looking for printers for sale whether from domestic sources or via imports.
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The Packaging Industry in Vietnam

  • Many foreign firms choose Vietnam as a market destination, widening the packaging industry's prospects.
  • Packaging products are plentiful because packaging is a diverse commodity in terms of styles and designs. Plastic, cartons, paper, metal, and glass are the most popular packaging products in Vietnam.
  • In 2019, the market grew by 25%. For the forecast period of 2020 to 2025, the Vietnam paper packaging market is projected to expand at a CAGR of 4.7 percent.
  • This boosting economy in Vietnam will continue to drive demand for industrial inkjet printer, printing equipment, printing parts, printing consumables such as inks, make ups and cleaning solutions.
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The Manufacturing Industry in Vietnam

  • Vietnam's manufacturing sector continues to develop and expand for a number of reasons, the most important of which is the availability of highly skilled employees.
  • Due to its proximity to China the manufacturing giant, Vietnam gains from manufacturing know-how that tends to spill over as China's current factories become highly overcrowded.
  • As a result, a substantial portion of Vietnam's manufacturing industry is becoming an expansion from industries in China.
  • Hence, Vietnam’s expanding manufacturing sector has increased demand for printing and industrial ink such as Videojet ink, Inkjet refills, and Hitachi parts.

Sea Ports and Trading Hubs of Vietnam

  1. Saigon port
  2. Hai Phong
  3. Da Nang
  4. Qui Nhon
  5. Ho Chi Minh City
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For importing Inkjet printers, Citronix printers, Videojet inks, and other spare parts, Camainks uses the largest port of Saigon when exporting to our clients in Vietnam. We have exported items such as inkjet printers, CIJ printers, laser printers, and specialized brands of printer consumables including:

  • Videojet inks
  • Domino inks
  • Citronix CIJ inks
  • Other printer spare parts
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What Printers and Ink Do Vietnam Import?

Although Vietnam does have some manufacturers for printers and ink like Risograph ink and Domino Inkjet printer, Vietnam still needs to import from countries such as China, United States, Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong. This demand for importing printers and ink in Vietnam is due to its fast-growing economy. Some printers, ink, and related consumables that Vietnam imports from these countries include,

  • Printers:
  1. Inkjet Printer
  2. Continuous Inkjet Printer
  3. Citronix Printers
  4. Domino Printer
  5. Videojet Printer
  • Consumables:
  1. Hitachi Parts
  2. Linx 1512 Solvent
  3. Risograph Ink
  4. Laser Marking Machine
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What Regulations Are There on Importing Printers and Ink to Vietnam?

  • You must acquire an investment license and a company registration certificate from the Department of Planning and Investment in order to import into Vietnam.
  • You must have a legal entity registered and licensed in Vietnam to import into the country.
  • Circular No. 34/2013/TT-BCT of the Ministry of Industry and Trade gives a number of products that foreign capital companies cannot export or import into Vietnam.
  • Some of the products you cannot import to Vietnam include cigars, tobacco, petroleum oils, newspapers and journals, and second-hand items (including electronics and automotive).
  • In Vietnam, you don't need a special import license because your investment license already enables you to import and export goods. Before customs clearance, some chemicals imported into Vietnam should be reported or declared to the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT).
  • Because inks contain hazardous chemicals, it is important to follow Vietnam’s import regulations.
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Why Should Vietnam Import Printers and Ink?

  1. Availability - The local industry has limited capacity and some clients in Vietnam require printers and ink promptly..
  2. High Product Cost - Given the domestic competition in Vietnam, printers and the continuous ink supply are more expensive to buy domestically than on the world market.
  3. Product Quality - While most international suppliers have a good brand reputation and quality, some smaller domestic manufacturers in Vietnam can have variant product quality.
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Where Can I Buy Printers and Ink for Vietnam?

If you are looking for individual use printers and inks, there are many domestic manufacturers and distributors available in Vietnam. However, if you looking for large quantities of inks, make ups and cleaning solutions, Camainks has been exporting print products such as Videojet ink, Linx printing technologies, and Markem Imaje 2200 to clients in Vietnam. Feel free to contact us at [email protected] or WhatsApp us at +86-131-2037-9271 for a FREE quotation. We also ship worldwide; for other countries, check out our experience here.