January 21, 2019

When buying inks or printer consumables., there are certain things you should consider.  Price, Quality,  Delivery, Color. This will ensure you save your money without the expense of destroying your printer. Camainks is a trusted Videojet Ink and parts Supplier.  Our team of experts here at Camainks have a well-laid system of vast communication to ensure all your needs are heard and met on time. You can contact us at any time.

As it is with every client, he wanted affordable videojet inks and parts without compromising quality for his continuous supply printer systems.  Here at Camainks, we provide you with quality compatible products that allow you to operate profitability by reducing consumable costs. We ensure quality by making sure all the ink tests are carried out: Viscosity, Color, Rub Resistance and Coefficient of Friction, drying speed, and end-use performance. The products' photos and videos are also provided to give the customer assurance of the quality of the products. 

Our client required advice on the best ink for the substrates he wanted to choose. Camainks have a wide variety of inks that will match your needs. (Here is why you should consider buying our generic inks).  Our consumables are developed and manufactured to work efficiently on varied surfaces like metal, plastic, glass, PVC, paper with ink colors available in a variety of shades to suit your requirements. Our team of experts advised him on the inks that are suitable to ensure quality printing. This is by considering the inks test that has been carried out on the inks. 

Our client needed Assurance of the goods arriving timely and in good condition.

All our products displayed on our website are in stock already. Whenever an order is made, delivery is made as soon as possible. Our shipping services are available to all locations. We also ensure the arrival of the goods to the client in good condition. Most importantly we will be here when the client returns for after-sales & spares support.  

  Products sourced: 

Videojet Compatible V 410 D Ink
Videojet Compatible V 705 Makeup
Videojet Compatible V411 Ink
Videojet Compatible Inkcore for 1200 Series
Videojet Compatible V 706 Makeup
With end to end sourcing solutions, you can rest assured of time and cost-saving advantage to your business. 
Are you interested in Sourcing Videojet printer consumables? Feel free to contact us and enjoy our services.

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