April 17, 2021

Hitachi technologies for sale
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An Overview of Hitachi

  • Headquarter: Chiyoda City, Tokyo, Japan
  • Key Products: Hitachi printers, Hitachi ink, Hitachi cleaning solution, Hitachi coding machines, and printing make ups like Hitachi TH 18 Make Up.
  • Focus Area: Coding and marking solution through Hitachi technologies.
    • Hitachi offers the most complete range of best coding and marking systems, services and consumable solutions such as Hitachi TH 18 Make Up so you can streamline all your printing needs from one supplier.
    • Hitachi aims to deliver integrated solutions by supplying products like Hitachi TH 18 Make Up. Furthermore, Hitachi enables product quality and safety, regulatory and retailer compliance, better product recalls and improved manufacturing processes.
  • There are Hitachi technology centers located all around the world, dedicating to serve all clients and ensuring their industrial printing product such as Hitachi TH 18 Make Up are the first choices of their customers.

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What is Hitachi TH 18 Make Up and its Usage?

  • In the printing industry, Hitachi TH 18 industrial make up is compatible with the Hitachi RX2, PXR, PB continuous inkjet (CIJ) printers.
  • Each of these printers are manufactured by the same company, Hitachi. Hitachi industrial printers support companies in the consumer packaged goods sector, industrial sector, and medicinal goods industries. The brand's industrial printing solutions will allow you to increase productivity, support your business, and grow it.
Product Name Ink Color Ink Based Consumables Substrates Markets
Hitachi TH 18 Make Up Clear MEK Ink Designed for use on Hitachi RX2, PXR, PB continuous inkjet (CIJ) printers. Plastics, glass, and metal. Food, pharmaceuticals, paper and cosmetics


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Compatible Hitachi TH Type A Make Up for Industrial Printing

Other Industrial Printing Supplies from Hitachi 

  • Hitachi CIJ Printer
    • Hitachi's continuous inkjet printer technology enables non-contact printing on rough, irregular, or varied surfaces from any angle. They have High Speed Printers for applications like wire and cable and beverage lines, Multipurpose Printers for a variety of printing jobs, and Specialty Printers for large and small characters or other non-standard jobs.
  • Hitachi Laser Marker
    • Hitachi provides a variety of lasers of various wavelengths. Each wavelength is best suited for marking a particular substrate spectrum. Their markers are available in 9.3um Wavelength, 10.2um Wavelength, and 10/6um Wavelength.

how to choose a Hitachi Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) printer

Hitachi Industrial ink Supply

  • Hitachi Inks and Make Up
    • Hitachi can provide you various type and color inks to meet all your requirements. They have dye-based general purpose ink which is excellent performance on most substrates.
    • They also have pigmented inks for a wider variety of color options and marking on dark substrates and specialty inks that are UV readable, Low VOC, Solvent resistant, and Fast Dry.

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Hitachi Industrial ink for Sales

Camainks also supply Hitachi consumables including ink, makeup fluid and cleaning solutions such as:

Product Name Color Solvent Compatibility
Hitachi JP B 27 Ink Blue MEK Ink Hitachi RX2, PXR, PB continuous inkjet (CIJ) printers
Hitachi JP Y 37 Ink   Yellow MEK Ink Hitachi RX2, PXR, PB continuous inkjet (CIJ) printers
Hitachi JP W 73 Ink   White MEK Ink Compatible with Rubber hoses, plastic pipes, metal, glass, and electric/electronic parts.
Hitachi JP K 72 Ink   Black MEK Ink Hitachi RX2, PXR, PB continuous inkjet (CIJ) printers
Hitachi JP K 68 Ink   Black MEK Ink Various types of cans (steel, aluminum, etc.), containers (paper, plastic, etc.), film (Nylon, PET, etc.) PVC pipes and various other materials(plastic, steel, nonferrous metals)
Hitachi JP T 71 Ink Red to purple MEK Ink Used on Cans, plastic bags, aluminum bags, and plastic cups.

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How to Buy Hitachi TH 18 Make Up

If you are looking for individual use printers and inks, there are many local manufacturers and distributors of Hitachi TH 18 Make Up available near you. Simply google “Hitachi TH 18 Make Up for sale near me.” However, if you looking for large quantities of Hitachi TH 18 Make Up, or other Hitachi inks, make ups, and cleaning solutions with long-term supply, Camainks has been exporting printing products to clients Worldwide. Besides Hitachi TH 18 Make Up, we also have other Hitachi TH 18 Make Up printing products such as printers, makeup fluid, and cleaning solutions for sales. For years, Camainks have been supplying our valued clients with Hitachi TH 18 Make Up at low-cost with top-quality. Contact us at [email protected] or send a message on WhatsApp at +86-131-2037-9271 if you have any questions or suggestions. Our customer support team will go out of its way to help you in every way possible.

Other Industrial Printing Supplies from Camainks

At Camainks, we help our clients get the right printers, printing spare parts, and printing consumables in their need. We take care of everything from sourcing the product to shipping logistics. Once you place your order, you can continue with your work and wait for your printing equipment such as Hitachi TH 18 Make Up. Besides Hitachi, we also supply printing consumables such as inks, make ups, and cleaning solutions from brands: