August 15, 2019

For the business-oriented people, if you want to save money on your printing, do so by reducing the ink costs. Save on the money spent on buying ink and use the continuous printing system. You can also save money by buying Generic inks. Check this blog on 7 reasons you should save on money by buying generic inks.

Continuous printing, also known as continuous ink system is where you can increase the bulk printing capacity of your printer. A continuous ink supply system simply means a way you deliver a larger volume of printer ink to the inkjet printer without replacing the cartridge frequently when printing in bulk. Camainksis a leading supplier of ink cartridges.
This continuous printing system has been frowned upon by almost all printer manufacturers and here are six good reasons why:

1. Simple printing

This continuous printing system is easy to install and will make your life easier when replenishing depleted ink in your printer. When using a continuous printing system, never again will you replace your cartridge after a few hours when doing bulk printing. When low on the ink you will just simply refill the ink tanks. The separated ink tanks make printing simple because they can be easily refilled without disrupting the ongoing printing tasks.

2. Economical: 

Buying continuous ink is economical and costs a fraction of what cartridges cost because you can buy the ink in bulk. Market research shows that using the continuous printing system saves you up to 80-90% of what you would spend if you used only. Check out this amazing videojet inks and printer consumables.

3. Good print quality:

Most printer manufactures badmouth the continuous printing system saying that the prints are not of high quality. This is untrue especially since today, with technological advancements, the continuous printing products are fabricated to achieve the highest quality possible and achieve not only smooth results but also professional results. The continuous printing system cartridges are always full and deliver color evenly during the printing process whether you are printing in bulk or making only a few prints.



4. Reduction in maintenance costs:

Do away with frustrations of ink wastage. To save money on the ink used for printing, aimed at decreasing the amount of money you spend on ink cartridges. With cartridge-free printing, the continuous printing system fabricates your documents without ink wastage utilizing every drop and does not require regular ink replacement. The printer and ink consumables are also locally available.

5. Environmental friendly:

Since there is no, need for cartridge replacement, there is also absolutely no plastic waste that is left. You just need to do ink replacement and add more ink to the external containers which have depleted ink. There is absolutely no more need for the messy injection of ink on depleted ink cartridges hence, save the environment.

6. Convenient for bulk printing:

 Although it warrants your printer, continuous printing is the most convenient choice for businesses that can do bulk printing. The continuous printing system will ensure that you meet your datelines at a much cheaper price with much fewer hustles.

The continuous printing system cartridges are always full and deliver color evenlyduring the printing process whether you are printing in bulk or making only a few prints. There is no need for you to worry about running out of ink when using the continuous printing system as the external bottles are clear and you can see if the ink colors are running low.
Unfortunately, the continuous printing system is not compatible with all the printer brands. The continuous printing system is mainly compatible with big brands like HP, Canon and Epson printers. Many of the printers manufactured by these big brands come with a tank on print head designs and also printing cartridges so that if one of either is altered for compatibility with the continuous printing system, in case the owner of the printer chooses to work with the continuous printing system.  
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