August 29, 2019

Ink cartridges and consumables are usually very expensive. There are ways to reduce printing costs for your business hence increase profits by reducing the overhead costs. There are several ways to save money on continuous inkjet printing as well, for instance:

  • Signing up for an ink subscription service
  • Trying third-party ink cartridges from printer ink suppliers
  • Changing fonts when printing and many more

These tips will help you cut down on the costs of printing ink and impact positively on the environment.

1. Keep the printer turned on

By leaving a continuous inkjet printer on, you are saving and avoiding triggering a maintenance cycle each time you use the printer.

According to the recent test, the results show that by doing so, you can yield big savings from the inkjet ink cost. Many of the printers that were evaluated used the same ink quantity to clean the print heads as they did during printing.

When the printers were kept on, there was a reduction in ink consumption even among the most ink-hogging models.

 2. Use an inkjet printer ink,

    When looking for a printing machine for sale, choose one that requires less ink. E.g.Continuous Inkjet printer. If you are worried about the cost of inkjet printer ink and its environmental impact from the extra energy, relax, Inkjets ink consumes very little power when not in use, so your ink savings should most definitely outweigh those concerns.

    3.Use OEM’s from trusted suppliers ;

    e.g. Camainks who are a trusted supplier of OEM’s.


    Recycling cartridges not only cuts down on our environmental impact, but it also has economink supplier, videojet, imaje ic benefits to the consumer. This ink can be re-manufactured by most ink producers, a simple process that cuts down on the amount of manufacturing cost companies might have to undertake. This means reduced costs for re-manufactured continuous inkjet products when you buy them at the store for your printing needs.

     For more details on this read: 7 reasons you should be using generic inks 

    4.Purchase recycled paper

    Cut down on costs and environmental impact by purchasing recycled paper from your nearest paper supplier. Most of the modern paper suppliers provide a recycling option, just inquire and see if they have.

    5. Recycle unnecessary documents

    Whenever you no longer need some documents, recycle them. You could also save on paper usage by printing on both sides of the page. You can also shred the used papers and use them for packing or use them for other purposes, for example, use them as scrap paper.

    6. Avoid big ink companies

    People dealing in stationery services of printing services should avoid purchasing replacement printer ink from the big companies since they always charge more. There are other manufacturers of OEM-compatible ink such as Videojet out there that can produce ink of the same high-quality or even better at a fraction of the cost. Even on these brands: Videojet, imaje,  domino inkand others.

    7.Expanding the margins on the papers/documents   

    This helps you fit more text on each page and this gives you the opportunity to print fewer pages thus cutting down on costs and environmental impact. This will save you some cash if you only print what is necessary. Select specific pages in your browser that you want to be printed to avoid printing unwanted pages.

     8. Font size 

    The type of font used when printing will impact greatly on your bottom line! Some fonts such as broad fonts have been discovered to use a lot of ink compared to the other fonts.  If you want to cut down on ink costs, switch the font to a narrow font, like Times New Roman or Garamond.   

    9.Purchase recycled cartridges

    If you are going to purchase a new and modern printer, buy recycled printer cartridges and ensure to recycle the printer cartridges when the ink is finished.

     Choosing inkjet ink for your office or home printer is not only simply smart for you but it is smart for the surroundings.

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