Case Study from Client Purchasing Videojet Technologies and Printing Ink Consumables

Client:A United States Food Packaging Manufacturer Looking for Bulk Purchases of Videojet Ink Compatible Consumables.

Our client was a food packaging manufacturer that operates his business at mid-size production based in the United States.

Videojet Technologies for sale. A packaging plant similar to our client’s

Hewas looking for printing technologies, specifically from the brand Videojet, thatcould provide him the ability to print quality expiration dates on products. Furthermore, the client sought ink consumables and printing solutions compatible with Videojet 1220 continuous inkjet (CIJ) printers. These printers are typically suitable for printing on plastic and glass. At Camainks, we provided the client with the following products as a solution:

how to store Videojet ink? Videojet V 410 compatible ink that our client required for his production line

Client Problem: High Costs & Long Lead Time

Besides looking for compatible inks for his Videojet printing technologies, the client also wanted to solve problems in two different operational disciplines. The two issues were defined as:

  1. Lead Time Too Long: The client was having problems getting the ink he needed on time. He found that the amount of time spent in ordering and receiving ink consumables slowed his manufacturing process through detailed examination. As a result, the client sought an industrial ink consumable supplier that can ship the orders faster.
Videojet Inkjet Printers for sale The videojet 1220 that our client uses to print on their packaging
  1. High Cost of Ink Consumables:Aside from minimizing the lead time in his food packagingprocess, the clientbelieved he was spending too much time on consumables. The client wanted to:
  1. Reducing printing consumable cost by using OEM and compatible cartridges
  2. Cutting cost in inventory
Most Reliable Videojet Inkjet Printer Videojet V 901 Compatible Cleaning Solution that our client required for his production line

How Did Camainks Help Our Client?

Since the client was looking for compatible ink consumables for Videojet 1220 continuous inkjet (CIJ) printers, Camainks provided him with the following products as a solution:

These products will support the client in his food packaging manufactory because they are suitable for printing on plastic and glass substrates, often used in related industries. Furthermore, these industrial printing solutions will help the client boost productivity, protect and grow his market, and stay on top of industry trends and regulations. Here are details describing each of these individual products:

Product Name

Ink Color

Ink Based




Videojet V 410 D



  1. Black printing on plastics
  2. Can work in wet, humid conditions
  3. General purpose ink, ideal for high humidity environments or moisture on the substrate.
  4. Good adhesion and survives pasteurization.
  5. Work on steel closures, PET bottles, polyolefin twist-off caps, aluminum and stainless-steel kegs, coated aluminum or steel bottle caps, and coated paperboard cartons

Plastic, Glass, and Metal

Food, Beverage, and Pharmaceutical

Videojet V 411 Ink



1.       Good for plastic, flexible packaging, e.g., BOPP and OPP, PE (polyethylene), PP (polypropylene), HDPE, and LDPE (high & low-density polyethylene), waxy surface, metal cans, resistance to rubbing


Plastic, Glass, and Metal

Food, Beverage, and Pharmaceutical

Videojet V 705 Make Up



MEK Make-Up

  1. Efficient when working with V410 ink and also cleaning the machine
  2. General purpose cleaner including cold fill glass applications V410/V411 delivers excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates
  3. Best plastics ink, esp. flexible packaging film
  4. Use in a continuous inkjet process. Replaces solvent lost through evaporation during normal ink drop recycling process 

Plastic, Glass, and Metal

Food, Beverage, and Pharmaceutical

Videojet V 706 Make Up

Colorless, Pale yellow


MEK Make-Up

  1. Efficient when working with V411 ink and also cleaning the machine
  2. General purpose, excellent on a variety of flexible food pouches.
  3. Works best with ink for marking a variety of plastics
  4. Works very well when used in a continuous ink jet process
  5. Replaces solvent lost through evaporation during normal ink drop recycling process


Plastic and Metal

Food and Beverage

Videojet V 901 Cleaning Solution

Colorless, Pale yellow


MEK Cleaning Solution

1.       Clean the machine and the stain of print



Food, Beverage, and Pharmaceutical

Result: Reduced Business Cost and a Happy Customer

  • After accepting the products proposed by Camainks, the client decided to purchase 240 pieces of ink consumables from us monthly. The products include:
  • Since ink consumables contain hazardous chemicals, Camainks carefully follows trade regulations when importing or exporting. Moreover, Camainks examines the quality of the products before sending them out. Also, we ensure the products are received by the client as fast as we can.
  • Consequently, the client can reduce the lead time and production cost spent in his food packaging manufactory. In detail, by finding Camainks as a reliable business partner, the client can increase production. Conclusively, the client continues with his business connection with Camainks in the long-term.
How to choose a Videojet Inkjet printer? Videojet V 706 compatible make-up that our client required for his production line

An Overview of the Packaging Industry in United States

To provide the client with quality and reliable solutions, Camainks researched on the packaging industry in the United States,

  • In the United States, the packaging industry is divided into material types (paper, glass, plastic, and metal) and end-user industry (Food, Beverage, Healthcare, Cosmetics, Personal Care & Household Care, and Industrial).
  • Over the forecast period of 2020 to 2025, the packaging industry in the United States is projected to expand at a CAGR of 3.5%. The United States is one of North America's fastest-growing packaging markets.
  • By 2024, it is estimated to have increased from 596.8 billion units in 2019 to 636.1 billion units. Flexible plastic packaging solutions have been in high demand around the nation's end-user industry sectors, including food, retail, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, etc.
  • The demand has been fueled by the gradual increase in urbanization, a strong expats population, and shifting diet and lifestyle among residents.
  • This boosting economy in the United States will continue to drive demand for an industrial inkjet printer, printing equipment, printing parts, printing consumables such as inks, make-ups, and cleaning solutions.
What is Videojet Continuous Inkjet Printer? Videojet V 411 compatible ink that our client required for his production line
Where to buy Videojet Industrial Inkjet Printers Our client’s Videojet ink and make up packed and ready to ship out

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Top rated Videojet Industrial Inkjet Ink Consumables Loading our client’s Videojet compatible cargo for local delivery before export