UV Inkjet Printer (32.4mm) 1-4 Heads

1. Print height: 32.4mm for single head, up to 128mm max ( max 4 heads)

2. Print head: Ricoh

3. Print distance: 0-5mm( Optimum)

4. Resolution: Vertical:300DPI, Horizontal:150-1200DPI

5. Ink supply: Negative Pressure Continuous Ink Supply System(CISS) [Globally Patented] 6. Print direction: Sideward/Downward

7. Ink: UV ink, Oil-based ink

8. Ink management: Auto identify ink type and info, auto track in usage

9. Hardware Dimensions: 172*87*38mm

10 Print speed: 55 meter/min(3 Level darkness)

11. Support 1-4 heads